Welcoming the Founder Members of GAIN

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Increasing Awareness

To develop an understanding
of autism within the
Insurance, Investment and related Financial Services Industry

A diverse workforce

To evidence the positive impact of a neurodiverse workforce on business performance.

Bridging the Gap

To introduce a new pipeline of neurodiverse talent to the Insurance, Investment and related Financial Services workforce.


Welcome to GAIN (Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment and Neurodiversity).

We are a new organisation designed to explore the opportunities and benefits from employing a neurodiverse workforce within the insurance, investment and related financial services industry.

To watch the full launch, click on the watch now button below. To watch the highlights of the launch, please click on the video.

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Creating a diverse workforce

As a business in the Insurance, Investment and related Financial Services Industry, connect with us to discover how to unlock the potential benefits realized when employing neurodiverse individuals? Why not join the GAIN community?

Supporting individuals

Do you identify as an autistic or otherwise neurodiverse individual? We're here to help you discover or further a career in the Insurance, Investment and related Financial Services Industry? Why not join the GAIN community?

A safe place for young people

Are you a parent or a carer of a young person who identifies as an autistic or otherwise neurodiverse individual and would you like to work in the Insurance, Investment and related Financial Services Industry?

"In our mature and highly competitive UK Insurance market, firms have much to gain from hiring and developing neurodivergent  colleagues as a firm’s ability to innovate, create and “think outside the box” requires not simply a wide spectrum of skills but also, and importantly -  a diversity of thought, perspectives and experiences that speak to a wider range of customer needs, pain points and potential solutions." 

Johnny Timpson OBE
Prime Minister's Champion Group member.

"For me, GAIN is about creating a community where neurodiversity can be explored and positive actions be taken, which will benefit not only those who think differently but also their allies, teams, employers and the wider society."

Alicja Nocon FIA CERA
Individual (& Allyship) Lead | Neurodiversity & Wellbeing Consultant | Proudly autistic

"Thank you so much for organising such a brilliant webinar. We found it both informative and inspiring, if not a little moving at times. It was wonderful to share stories with my boys. Thanks again for all you're doing, it makes me feel optimistic about my boys futures."

Carmel Henaghan
Munich Re
GAIN Neurodiversity Expo 22
Catch-up Video

Coming soon....

Follow our fantastic event on the 23rd June, we are pleased to announce a video from the morning and afternoon sessions will be available to view shortly. Hear from Dame Stephanie (Steve) Shirley CH alongside a wealth of outher speakers on all apsects of neurodiversity and hear how you can become a member of GAIN.

Coming soon!

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Become a GAINchanger?

Do you work in the Insuranc, Investment or related Financial Services Industry? Do you long to see more opportunities for neurodiverse individuals in the workplace? Join our growing community of GAINchangers and help shape the future of business for the better.

Latest News

FCA wants ‘psychologically safe’ workplaces to attract neurodivergent talent
FCA calls for ‘psychologically safe’ workplaces to attract neurodivergent talent. Georgina Philippou, Senior Advisor for Equality shares at the recent GAIN Inclusion by Design Event on how business can make a real difference.

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The ‘most important question’ insurance leaders can ask to help neurodiverse staff excel
Discover the ‘most important question’ insurance leaders can ask to help neurodiverse staff excel. Thank you, Maxim Cook for sharing your story at the Inclusion By Design event and Health and Protection for the excellent write-up.

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ABI champions neurodiversity as the latest founder member of GAIN
We are delighted to welcome the Association of British Insurers (ABI) as a founder member of GAIN. Read more by clicking on the link below.

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It’s time to think differently about the insurance, investment and financial services workforce
Danae shares her experiences on how to create a happy healthy workforce by supporting autistic and neurodiverse individuals.

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